a lighthouse in the Delta

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our lighthouse

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

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A visit to the Sacramento Delta

The "Lighthouse" on River road Was purchased this past Summer and we could not be more pleased.

The home had not been occupied for some time prior to our purchase resulting in many repairs to deal with.   Many of the pictures were taken early in the "move in" stages.

With the home comes a beautiful dock just steps across River Road and on the Sacramento River.

The unique parts of this home are very appealing.   From the round Gallery room, the spiral staircase to the observation room, and the elevator (three stops, be sure and tip the elevator operator!) plus many more.

The "Lighthouse" draws lots of attention from tourists (and Locals!) driving up River Road.   We frequently have cars stopping and folks getting out and taking pictures.       Everyone honks!

This gallery will be constantly changing, so drop by once in a while and check it out.